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Have You Ever Witnessed a Collapse of Cartoon World?

There is no doubt that exists many either rejected or unknown, unreleased cartoons and animations. Don’s Hertzfeldt Rejected Cartoons probably falls into bucket of Great Forgetness. So is there any point to spend time to them? VideoDoc says “Yes”! Rejected Cartoons is mostly black and white, drawn by hand classical animation of first beginning times. It shows many small episodes with crazy and fun stuff evolving fun characters speaking and interacting in non-standard manner and in the end sharing terrible fate – collapse of their world.

After watching this animation VideoDoc feelings could be described in one word – “Awesome”! He has never seen before such somewhat strange yet very funny and crazy cartoon! No doubt that Hertzfeld put his heart into this stuff although this cartoon is chaotic and looks kinda weird but that is what makes him original. And that Alien – eye hunter fellow definitely rocks, so does the ending!

So, here VideoDoc share some advises to folks who sticks with 2D although it will be different then previous ones:

  • Don’t Reject Your Work. You created it, it’s peace of you and those drawn folks need you. They need your attention, dear animator! If you really decided to get rid of them – destroy, erase their world totally with them along.They will forgive you this but they won’t forgive if you just left them to exist alone! You are God, Creator, Master to them and they will accept your fatal decision with respect no matter what although you could scare a hell of them. Once you had drawn them and their world, they start to live and share the joy with you.Nevertheless, if you got feeling that their world becomes unstable and failure of project becomes reality, you loose control and decide to end their suffering – then be sure to destroy everything and not a small thing is left so everything rest in piece in Animation Undead World which no one dares to draw. Hertzfeld had to make his decision and he did it, no one can blame him.

After witnessing for the very first time a collapse of one of cartoon world with it’s inhabitants VideoDoc couldn’t hold small tear as Hertzfeld probably, too. But then again, we can’t change Nature laws and things go as they go. So VideoDoc really advises to think twice before rejecting any of your creations.

  1. January 23, 2008 at 6:43 pm

    Hi there,

    I have read some of your posts in some 2D and 3D animation forums.
    Did you try TVP Animation ? It is a cool piece of software if you like handrawing, and it seems also to be continuously improved 😉

  2. January 25, 2008 at 6:56 pm

    Hi, Randy! At first, thanks for visit. And congratulations for being first to comment!
    Yes, VideoDoc knows TVP Animation software – it’s kinda double of Bauhaus Mirage which is cool! VideoDoc himself is learning Mirage itself little by little in free time.
    Ou, and just one thing (I bet it will happen dozen times) – you have read not mine but my assistant’s posts, make no mistake about that. Since VideoDoc hasn’t much of free time and works hard to establish his new laboratory and Videoclinic his assistant is the one who represents VideoDoc on some forums and net itself. But he also posts on his own, he is in few forums and his main interest as VideoDoc knows is generally 3D and in addition 2D animation, he is amazing and nice fellow. He has even few works in those fields, just check http://www.youtube.com/Intars1986 if interested.

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