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Take a while to read a God’s message

Letter From God (To Men) is a fan version bootleg video for song of the same name. What is that God wants to say to us? What is He amazed by? What’s that makes Him feel disappointed about humans? Is He happy with us, His creation, or are we even created by Him? Listen to what he has to say about it. Video done by Yogzatot Studio, 2007. Original song by Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip.

Whatever these guys from Yogzatot are they done incredibly nice work! VideoDoc was really impressed! So many thoughts ran in mind, so much left to think off.To folks out there VideoDoc advises:

  • Use bootleg video to express global message. And it means – real big strong message. Bootleg video is a very good choice for attracting attention to global problems and here’s why – bootlegging means putting many following images, videos so you can touch many problems in small amount of time, to be precise – in one video! Take this video as example. And using video and picture hides one more point – picture many times speak more than thousands words.
  • Use impulse shots. These are those specifically filmed city or landscape or nature shots, which are speeded up so you can catch a feeling of pulse that usually isn’t possible due to relatively large amount of time it takes against 24 hour day.
  • Use 3D graphics. Don’t hesitate to use 3D or 2D graphics to show things at angles that are not possible to be seen with natural angles. For example – some atom movement inside Sun or such things or more classical – Earth from Space. It will always work.
  • Link Video to Words. This gives to video more strength and meaning, fills video with your message. VideoDoc found word credits worth.

God doesn’t visits humans occasionally and if He does there is reason to this. Maybe we should listen to His words and take them into account?

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