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Blue Hat Is Causing Climate Change

Polar Bears is short 2D animation that took part in green film competition (look http://www.foe.co.uk for more). Two polar bears are sharing a moment of thought while fishing on the ice. Bears rises some interesting aspects and possible causes of global climate changes. There’s more questions than answers! And maybe bears are the ones who got the point? Is it a synthetic lines that cause all this stuff? Animation done by eskimoproductions, 2007.

Whooouuu, now that’s the topic. These questions disturbs VideoDoc more as more he realizes the importance of these questions! What really is happening and what is the cause of this global warming really? Questions, questions, questions. At least we start to rise questions.

VideoDoc liked this piece. For folks out there who thinks of plunging into animation, VideoDoc advises:

  • Use world hot topics. Global warming is definitely a hot topic now. And it should be. Animation is good field where serious questions also must been raised . Hot topics are hot exactly because of their importance and impact on everything, so that’s why you mustn’t miss it. Global problems are hot, and helping solving them you make world better and safer! For this many people at first must realizes that such problem even exists and video, animation is one of most effective way of global issues actualization.
  • Make animals speak. It’s no big deal they doesn’t in real life. Look at Pixar – animals speak like humans, and even you can take something out of it. Put your message into some animal so you can attract many different people. Not all people will take seriously so often heard protests against cow slaughter for McDonald’s cheeseburger meat. But if you let cows speak for themselves, even at least in animation world – more people will look at it and hear your message and some percent even give hard times to their brains and ask themselves whether everything is OK and should be as it is or is there a better way.

Well, is it humans that is causing climate changes? No, no , no, no – it must be hat, certainly the hat!

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