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Zombies Want To Dance Too

Gone Bad 2 is short 3D animation made in pseudo-horror style. Old wise man goes fishing on his old boat. He puts the music on and show goes on. One zombie goes to water-dance until he got caught on baited hook! All dance stops.

Animation directed by Marco Bertoldo and many people assisted him.

VideoDoc took a closer look to key-successful moments:

  • Make Cool Intro. Intro left impression that video is worth watching further from the very beginning. Black and red colored environment comes good to horror genre. So, cool intro makes appropriate atmosphere from the very beginning and allows to intuitively predict with what viewer will have a deal.
  • Use Humor. This dancing zombie rocks! He definitely liked to dance in real life. Why somebody needed to throw that fellow into lake? Humor can found its place even in horror genre.
  • Use Nice Graphics. No glitches in graphics gives a nice look. VideoDoc felt good graphic’s impression while watching those zombie hairs nicely flowing in water. And movements!
  • Italiano Musica. This song definitely became more popular. Good way to promote music. And horror doesn’t always mean horror music. Other style music can create interesting tension.

VideoDoc found just one small weak point and it is:

  • Not Fully Revealed Character. It would look little better if zombie could move his mouth while singing (if he was singing).

Fishing could be dangerous! Be sure not to hook some zombie! They can have a party down there!

For bonus VideoDoc suggests to take a look at Episode 1 which is good work. It’s about pastor who teaches zombies to respect church.

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