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Last Duet On Earth

Look at our beloved Earth. In the future hordes of zombies will bite last pieces of human flesh. And suddenly they find another 2 sole survivors of future holocaust. How can they survive now surrounded by brain hungry mindless creatures? You find out answer to this question after looking at this video.

VideoDoc Advises:

  • Creative Idea – First Step To Success. Have you ever thought that music in some case could mean a line between life and death? Have you ever imagined power of music? Take a look at video above.
  • Make Unpredictable Moments. While watching video VideoDoc felt suspense, it didn’t release him till end. And unpredictable ending was something like sweet candy – you just didn’t expect it and that’s it.
  • Create Appropriate Atmosphere. The music, don’t forget about it. Look how nicely it plays additional role. It should correspond to major atmosphere, become a part of it.
  • Don’t Use Low Frame Rate. Frame rate is a number which describes how many “pictures” is in one second of animation. Too low number isn’t a good thing to play with. Express major actions with enough frames per second.

So, whatever you do – whether you play on guitar, or draw cartoons, or do nothing, do this ’till your last breath!

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