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Don’t Buy Evil Hamsters

It’s a short animation (video created by Grey Gerling and music by Sulek) about one Evil Hamster that burned down the house of his master. This little cute-looking pet actually was a monster. Our pets could mean harm to us! VideoDoc even start to think if fire in his lab has anything to do with small bat he purchased in Central Pet Shop.


VideoDoc was horrified after watching this animation. Why this Hamster was so evil? Maybe we, pet holders are no less evil to them as this little one to his master? Putting a pet in box, cage – whatever, making him to see the world through wired cage, 1*0,5*0,5 – this is serious, aren’t it? For one moment VideoDoc thought that maybe he should release his bat to freedom? Actually he did, but soon bat returned.

There were moments that VideoDoc recall most after watching:

  • Warning To Pet Holders.You are no angel to pet. And your cute-looking fluffy animals can sometimes turn into little imp.
  • Create Your Animation Style. It’s quite defiant in XXI century to make animations in old-school style. But when VideoDoc watched this short, he remembered his so far long back loved Warner Bros, Disney cartoons and all that stuff when animation was animator’s heart and soul. Tears start to run away, those were times! This old style animation must not die!
  • Use Your Friends Music. It makes no disturbance, no! At one moment VideoDoc even guessed that music does give to animation some sort of uniqueness. And it’s a good way of promoting own friends, who makes music.

But VideoDoc wants to say that there is one messy point:

  • Draw More Colors. In black and white animation it is good idea to use some color to emphasize some important moments – such as red colored blood or gleaming eyes. And VideoDoc had a strange feeling that there had to be green color somewhere although he don’t know why himself.

All the rest was simply wonderful. Hand doesn’t rise up to criticize those old-school style animations. And one final suggestion if you want to create interesting atmosphere you can:

  • Use Old Fashioned Cinema’s Elements. VideoDoc suggests using sometimes in black and white animations elements of silent films such as titles for speech and sound expression. Your viewers right away will remember films of famous Charlie Chaplin.

By the way, before you buy any hamster take a look if he isn’t of evil sort!

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