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You Also Can Change The World

Papiroflexia (Spanish for “origami”) is the animated tale of Fred, a skillful paper folder who shapes the world with his hands. He can transform a plane in origami-shaped flying bird or car into running deer.

Created by Joaquin Baldwin at the UCLA Animation Workshop, 2007. Original Score written by Nick Fevola. To see a higher-resolution version go to www.pixelnitrate.com.

After watching this positive peace of harmonic animation VideoDoc’s mood got better. VideoDoc even started to think about humanity, environment and his role in it, about everyone’s role in making it better! He found it amazing to realize that people must become friendlier to nature, seek for harmony with it. Also he liked that author showed link that exists between nature and art :). VideoDoc wondered if even he can make world better.

VideoDoc especially liked few moments like:

  • Message through Video. Author has a message – he wanted to say that everyone can change world with his own hands – and he used video as a mean to bring this message to people. Animation can serve as a tool for sharing ideas with world. If you have wonderful idea and think that it can change the world or make people realize something important – make video and share it with the world. Or if you have some product, organization, charity and want to advertise it – make video about it and show to the world.
  • Realization of Idea. VideoDoc found very original how author used such interesting element as Japanese origami to promote his message. Author showed you how even without any words you can understand his message only by visualization. And VideoDoc was very positively confused by music of car sounds and how it got together with picture! And he was fascinated by origami characters, especially by little paper mouse. 🙂

But VideoDoc didn’t like that author hadn’t change video for YouTube specifications – he couldn’t see titles, credits, little unclear words even through his glasses.

  • Change Video for YouTube. If author want to make his name and animations famous in the big web he should consider making better screen titles especially for YouTube. On it’s small screen it’s hard to see small letters, so authors should resize all letters and words, make them big and clear. At least his own name.

So if you want to change the world and have a good idea how to do it – make video about it and upload in YouTube. And millions of people will join you in your crusade! Your idea must be revealed to the world, you can’t hide her! VideoDoc also crave to see visualization of your idea.

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