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Creepy Smile

Smile is a very creepy student film by Yuval Markovich and Noam Abta produced at Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design in Jerusalem. Horror films are too rare in animation, and this short does a solid job of building the tension and creating a mood of paranoia and uncertainty. Technically, it looks like the film was shot in live-action, with over sized Computer Graphic heads placed on the live bodies. It’s a surprisingly effective technique that adds to the film’s uneasy mood. You can check out more of their films at www.lioninzion.com.

Best Elements:

  • Creepy interesting Scenario. As good horror films this video starts normally and peacefully, with ordinary day in life of ordinary young people. And with every minute with every action it becomes more and more scary, you start to feel emotions of main hero and associate yourself with him. And in the end you become very scary and paranoid as in the best horror movies.
  • Action Takes Place in Real World. Main hero is the ordinary young man who visits his friends in ordinary flat just as your. Ordinary everyday situation which can happen everywhere with everyone. And because of this it becomes much scarier than if action took place in some fantasy world. You can more easily associate with main heroes, feel how he feels, and become as scary as he become in the end.
  • Use Original Elements. Computer graphic heads placed on the live bodies, looks amazing :). Those sharp-edged noses makes kind of really creeping feeling, associates with something frightening, hidden deep in our self, reminds some old nightmares. Usage of old black and white fashioned movies scenes just in right time looks very cool! And the ones need to fund such a films and moments and figure out where to put! lol
  • Don’t Forget About Emotions. Facial expressions help understand what hero feels, makes virtual experience exchange between viewer and virtual hero. And makes big part of attraction.

Negative Elements:

  • Hearing Problems. They speak unusual language – Hebrew, but they used subtitles so everybody can understand what is going on. But at some moments VideoDoc is confused – who is talking? Voices sometimes sound similar and camera shots changes too fast.
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